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The Major Progressive Slot Games by Playtech

One of the most profitable games that can win a gambler a huge profit is the progressive slot machine. Playing for the progressive slot games is most suitable to gamblers who love to play slots while aspiring to win a massive fortune in an instant.

The game of slot machine has the element of luck and most lucky slot players are able to enjoy instant jackpot that can range from thousands to millions worth of jackpot prizes. This is made possible by playing progressive slot games.

There several online slot machine software manufacturers that are leading in providing online progressive slot games. One of these reputable establishments is PlayTech. Basically the Playtech slot machine games are in the form of classic slots and progressive slot games with the highest slot jackpot to be won from its progressive game category.

Playtech's slot game software can be played in varying wagers from $0.25 to as high as $50 depending on the type of slot machine game one is playing. But Playtech has the reputation for giving away higher progressive slot jackpots that will be enjoyed by slot players.

To feature some of favorite progressive slot machine games by Playtech, the slot game called Cinerama is worth giving credit for its interesting features that give progressive slot players the pleasure to enjoy.

The progressive slot Cinerama gives out a $100,000 progressive jackpot. It consists of two bonus games that can be activated once the player catches a camera on the first pay line of the slot machine and the second bonus is activated once in any pay line the player catches three directors.

This progressive slot game variety of Playtech offers the lowest maximum wager of $0.25 compared with other progressive slot games. This progressive slot machine offers a promising jackpot to win at a lowest cost.

The Gold Rally progressive slot of Playtech is designed for higher stakes gamblers where the minimum bet is set at $2 and $48 as the maximum bet. But with a higher stakes involved the progressive slot jackpot can rise to as high as $585,000 amount of payout.

Gold Rally is a progressive slot game that is beyond the traditional numbers of pay lines to play for. The eight pay lines in Gold Rally can be played not just horizontally but also vertically as well.

The highest paying Playtech progressive slot game is the Beach Life which offers a tremendous progressive jackpot of up to $2 million. The player needs to catch the three suns specifically on the 20th pay line.

The player needs to place a maximum bet to all 20 pay lines on the slot machine with a fixed $0.5 bet for each pay line to qualify for the progressive jackpot. It also has the wilds and bonus games that also offer promising payouts to be won.

With the exciting progressive slot games offered by Playtech many online casinos find Playtech slot software more preferable to offer their online slot players more exciting games of progressive slots to enjoy.

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